Friday, July 24, 2015

Rachel - "you might feel like holding your breath"

Rachel Ehrenberg is the beauty in the booth (Stage Manager) for ALLIGATOR. This is her second production with DTC. Here she offers her insight and perspective on working on ALLIGATOR.

What is your favorite moment in ALLIGATOR and why?
 I tried to pinpoint my favorite moment in ALLIGATOR but I couldn't. My favorite aspect about ALLIGATOR is how the story-line is very serious and dark, and yet I find myself laughing throughout the whole show. Jeremy has such a way of writing that he has you watching one scene where you might feel like holding your breath and the next you're busting out laughing at the situation the characters got themselves into. I think that's very important when shows have a darker story-line. Each character gives you something to love about them and to connect to.

Why do you work with Dream Theatre Company?
I've stage managed two shows with Dream Theatre Company and could not be more thankful for those opportunities. Every single rehearsal, tech day, and show has taught me something and that is incredibly priceless to me. I absolutely love that they put on original work and that they give you something you can't find anywhere else. It's been said by many, and now I'm one of those people saying it as well. The first time watching ALLIGATOR had me going through many feelings and emotions and when it was over, I sat back in awe. It's not a show that you go to see and walk out with saying, "Oh, that was pretty good". You walk out of the show and you have questions and a feeling in your heart. At least that's what happens for me. The show ends and my heart is heavy but I'm happy.

What advice would you give to a first time audience member to this show?
My advice for a first time audience member seeing this show would be to have an open mind and heart. Take everything in from the moment you walk through the door and let any preconceived thoughts go. Also, don't be scared!

If you had a time turner and could change something about the rehearsal process, what would it have been?
I really loved how the rehearsal process went. I enjoyed how Jeremy spent a good amount of time with the beginning scenes so their characters could develop and once they knew who they were, the other scenes were easier to tackle. Of course we'd all want more rehearsal time as well but I'm so proud with everyone's work. This show isn't easy and every single night in rehearsal, the actors worked hard and pushed themselves.

What will you take from working on this project with you to your future artistic career?
 What won't I take from this project with me?! I have mastered (or so I like to think...) running lights and sounds. I've never done that before so I'm super excited to be on this side of the process. The different tactics and methods the actors used to find their characters have been really beneficial to watch. I can't stress enough how thankful I am that I've worked with Dream Theatre Company. I've definitely grown in these past 3 months so thank you all. Now everyone, COME SEE THE SHOW!

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