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Meet the cast-
Katherine Swan as Tinker Bell
Vinnie Lacey as Smee
Jeremy Menekseoglu as Peter Pan
Megan Merrill as Tiger Lily
Sarah Scanlon as Mermaid
Samantha Schmidt as Jane
Anna Menekseoglu as Shadow
(Not pictured) Rachel Martindale as Wendy

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

$180 left. Deadline tomorrow!

I know we can make it. Everyone's support means so much to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

megan - A Very Terrible Father

MATTI: There are so many terrible things I must do on this trip. 

LILLI: I know. 

MATTI: But we will take as much time for your happiness as we can. 

LILLI: Will you be happy too?

Sometimes when I explain the premise of A Very Terrible Father to people, their initial reaction is "well that's depressing." On its face, it is: two characters dying of cancer, an abandoned mother and child ... The character I play is one of the dying Germans and the pain and sadness she feels do frighten me as an actor. But one of the things I admire about Lilli is her ability to be actually happy.

A kiss or a theme park ride is enough to put a huge smile on Lilli's face. Her body is failing, but a cartoon in a language she doesn't understand makes her completely content. She doesn't try to ignore her imminent death or escape her pain but she can share a bowl of ice cream and, in that moment, be simply and truly happy. I think that's beautiful.


"I hated you, I hated you for so long until I realized, it was not you that I hated, but me."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Opens this Friday. "I've been a massage therapist for fifteen years, dude, so not only can I dislocate your fingers, but I can make them feel really good right up until they dislocate."

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anna - Season 11 Auditions

Dream Theatre Company will be holding auditions for Season 11: Theatre of Women, Peter Pan's Shadow Part 3: Foreverland, Lights Out Everybody: Tribute to Arch Oboler & The Tragedy of Amleth Princess of Denmark

Directors: Jeremy Menekseoglu, Anna Menekseoglu & Giau Truong

Auditions: 6pm – 9pm on 9/24-9/27
at Dream Theatre: 556 W. 18th St., Chicago

Seeking all types over age 18. Prepare a short monologue (under 2 minutes) of any style. Looking for extremes: comedy, melodrama, mime, Brechtian, Chekovian, musical, clown, etc.

Please send resume and recent snapshot or photo to Please specify what date and time you would like to audition.

See the Submit section of our website for script samples, description, and more information.

Friday, August 31, 2012

anna - at the Chicago Fringe Festival

This weekend I'll be seeing a few shows. Also Dream Theatre is a host venue. Go to for info about the shows. Enjoy theatre on the fringe this labor day weekend. Here's a photo of the amazing Rachel and I at Fringe Central.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

anna - AMLETH jacket shirt with military style buttons

anna - Ghost Trains

I have always loved the spooky. The feeling of being scared. Ghost stories. Haunted houses. Watching horror movies at 3am huddled nearly naked in a t-shirt and underwear on the floor in front of the glowing television next to someone special. I find these experiences romantic. When I see ghost trains in movies or photos I get so excited I tend to exclaim and dance and clap my hands like a little girl. That’s why when I read the ghost train scene in AMLETH, I did just that. I squealed, clapped my hands and danced around the room. One day, I hope to ride a real ghost train, as I’ve only been in a couple of state fair style haunted things.

Here’s the opening stage directions from Jeremy Menekseoglu’s The Tragedy of AMLETH Princess of Denmark. It is a brilliant and beautiful way to show the budding (grotesque) public relationship between GERTRUDE and CLAUDIUS as well as a very clever way to do the play within a play catch a killer scene.
Scene One
“This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine.”
As the house lights lower, OPHELIA slowly stands and stares up at the sky. There is a rumble of thunder and it begins to rain. She lifts the suitcase over her head. Darkness. Thunder.
After a moment, we hear a large door bang open and two glowing eyes appear. We hear a loud blast from an air horn and a hiss of steam. Strange lights raise revealing GERTRUDE, MRS. POLONIUS and CLAUDIUS riding in a small cart painted to resemble a Ghost Train. It tosses them violently as it jerks and bumps forward. MRS. POLONIUS is trying to hold on to some cotton candy.
The cart jerks to a stop as organ music begins to play. A light rises revealing a large wax puppet sitting in a chair holding a handgun in one hand and a revolver in the other. A wax puppet of a small boy sits before him. The small boy stands and walks towards the Ghost Train. He raises his hands and beckons to them for help. Suddenly, the large puppet raises both of his guns and fires repeatedly at the boy. The limbs break apart into several pieces and slowly glide away in all directions. Darkness. The Ghost Train jerks forward. A dim light rises.
Tonight and tomorrow night you can hear the whole script read aloud. I can’t wait to explore these characters more! Visit our facebook page for details.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

anna - AMLETH reading

The tragedy of AMLETH princess of Denmark, a world premiere play by playwright Jeremy Menekseoglu, is projected to open at Dream Theatre in Chicago in February 2013. JOIN US this Friday, August 24th at 7pm at Dream Theatre, 556 West 18th Street for an AMLETH kickoff party and first reading. If you can't make that date, JOIN US this Saturday, August 25th at 7pm at Goran Coban Salon, 15 West Hubbard Street, 2nd floor for and AMLETH kickoff party and second reading. The readings are free! send email to to make a reservation.
On a dark and stormy night, princess Amleth returns to Denmark for her father’s funeral only to discover that the body has been buried, her mother is remarried and the house is filled with drunken partygoers. Amleth seeks comfort in the arms of her lover Ophelia, but not even their innocent romance can stop her from questioning every truth she has ever believed. Amleth’s once innocuous view of life spirals out of control until a climactic ending that not even the bard himself could have foreseen.

"To fulfill my duty and live in the real world, or leave and regain my ignorance: That is the question."

This show promises to exceed all previous Dream Theatre Company productions, as well as showcase the talents of some of Chicago's great artists, designers, performers and crafts persons.
In order to pull off our most ambitious project yet, Dream Theatre is asking for your help. Through your support, Dream Theatre promises to make a show unlike any other. It will be unexpected, beautiful, captivating, and like a dream. Audiences who have experienced Dream Theatre's past productions will feel at home in the style of this production, while new audiences will be amazed by the intimacy and atmosphere while being engrossed in the story.
AMLETH is an ambitious relative and beautiful homage to what is arguably the greatest play of all time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream Theatre is open during NATO weekend. Street parking is available. Please allow a bit extra travel time if driving or using public transportation. If driving please use I90/94 instead of Lake Shore Drive.  See you at the show!

anna - Read our Reviews

see this recommended show!
 here's what some are saying:

"Visually, the show was spectacular, and the wooden sword fight looked scary from where I was sitting." - Rhyme Of The Day

Recommended, a "Must See" Show on Centerstage Chicago:

Highly Recommended, Chicago Reader:

Jeremy Menekseoglu's interview with Tony Adler on the BLEADER, Chicago Reader blog:

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Now playing through June 10th, PETER PAN'S SHADOW PART TWO: EVERLAND is already capturing some attention. If you saw Part One, you'll be excited to see what happens next, however, if you missed Part One, you'll be happy to know that Part Two stands on it's own.  It is an adventure with highs and lows, laughs and tears. Come to the show and tell us what you feel!

Some things to check out:

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Chicago3Media review

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

anna - Performance Art at Rooms Gallery

When I'm not performing or creating at Dream Theatre (this never happens) I like to meet the neighbors.  This Friday I'll be at Rooms Gallery performing in RITUAL NO. 1: COUNTING BIRDS. This is not Dream Theatre work, but our neighbors, Todd and Marakesh Frugia at Rooms Gallery are making performance art and work that brings the audience in, like we do. I'm happy to get a chance to work with some new friends. If you are free on Friday, feel free to drop in for the 2nd Friday down in Pilsen down the street from Dream Theatre at 1835 South Halsted St.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anna - read what people are saying about PETER PAN'S SHADOW PART ONE: NEVERLAND

"Highly Recommended - This first installment is a deeply ominous prequel to the story we're all familiar with, offering surprising new ideas on who Pan is and how his universe came to be. It's well worth seeing." - Tony Adler, Chicago Reader

"the best adaptations of “Peter Pan” show just why there’s a psychological complex of the same name. Dream Theatre’s Peter Pan’s Shadow Part One: Neverland does exactly that. Jeremy Menekseoglu’s script is as fascinating as its staging. The players are excellent: thoughtful in their interpretation, athletic in their delivery. 3 and 1/2 Stars." - Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat

"a delightfully dark spell of magic..., well-crafted and bold script..., imaginative and harrowing..., The cast play their roles so well that there were times I forgot I was watching a play at all.This is their play, and they do an amazing job bringing it to life. This is a most wonderful play that I cannot recommend enough. And with Peter Pan’s Shadow, Part Two: Everland coming in May, this series of plays gives me another reason to believe spring won’t come soon enough." - Deanna Trejo, Chicago 3 Media

"I am going to take a break from my usual self promotion and direct you to something grand. You see, artists believe in magic. We do. We know there are others out there toiling in the blistering sun to create. Create something huge. Something important. Something that makes us marvel in jaw hanging awe. That is what Dream Theatre Company in Chicago does. All of the time. Tonight we saw the premier of Jeremy Menekseoglu's latest Peter Pan's Shadow. The first in a trilogy. This tiny company delivers in the largest way. Pitch perfect performances. Performances so good the barest of sets is all they need. Do yourself a big, fat favor and go see what magic comes of discovery. Go see Peter Pan's Shadow Pan's Shadow Part One: Neverland and be astounded." - Scott Stantis, Taking a Stantis

"writer/director Jeremy Menekseogulu delivers on this.  His version of Peter Pan, winningly portrayed by Mishelle Apalategui..., great comic performances..., I will definitely return for Part Two." - Rory Leahy, Centerstage Chicago

"the show is a delight for the senses, featuring wild costumes, beautiful art, and a very effective sound design that leans toward classical music. The performances were creative and crisp." - John Enright, Ryme of the Day

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

anna - Buzzing about Peter Pan's Shadow

Rachel Martindale as The Lady in
Here's some buzzing about the opening of

Thanks for spreading the word!

Alderman of our 25th Ward, Danny Solis' blog

Chicago Stage Style

One Kind Radio

TimeOut Chicago

Also, here's a show I saw last Saturday night that's worth going to see:

Another great show from The Mammals!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In an exclusive interview this week. I talk to both Captain Hook and Peter Pan's Shadow

Weekly Special:
Meet the characters of PETER PAN'S SHADOW
In an exclusive interview

This week: Captain Hook and The Shadow


Q: You seem to be a perfectly interesting- uhmm- individual, but... Tell me about Peter Pan.

CH: Peter Pan, did you say? Forgive me, dear lady, but you stand in the presence of the most perfectly prodigious picaroon who has shook the very earth with his thunder, and you wish to glorify the brat!?

Q: Why are you looking at me like that?

CH: I am making all attempt to generously acknowledge your benightedness, dear lady. The brat has crooked your brains.

Q: I don't mean to ask, but, what are you most afraid of?
CH: I!? Afraid!? It is my honor bound duty to never strike a lady, but I hope my tone stings you, dear lady!

Q: Do you feel you have you been accurately represented in Mr. Barrie's book?

CH: Mister Barrie, dear lady, was a rotten pirate. I allowed his scribbling aboard my ship to go un-battered, but I considered daily of shooting him if only to rid the world of yet another scribbler. Now remove yourself, dear lady! Interview concluded!


Q: You seem to be a perfectly interesting- uhmm- individual, but... Tell me about Peter Pan.

TS: Peter thinks he is the most cleverest. However, I am even more clever than that!

Q: Why are you looking at me like that?

TS: Because miss says my drawings are the most cleverest, no mater what Peter thinks of them.

Q: I don't mean to ask, but, what are you most afraid of?

TS: Despair

Q: Do you feel you have you been accurately represented in Mr. Barrie's book?

TS: I feel Mr. Barrie has forgotten me because Mother and Father and all the ladies think that Peter is so wonderful and so clever.

NEXT WEEK: 2 more characters from PETER PAN'S SHADOW 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dream Theatre Company announces its Tenth Season


Chicago’s Dream Theatre Company is proud to announce its tenth anniversary season.  The season features the world premier of playwright Jeremy Menekseoglu’s new trilogy: PETER PAN’S SHADOW.  This landmark season also includes remounts of Dream Theatre’s past hits THE GRISLY/GLORIOUS ADVENTURE OF CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, WINNIE-THE-POOH AND BILLY MOON and THE DEVILISH CHILDREN AND THE CIVILIZING PROCESS.

All performances are at Dream Theatre Company, located at 556 West 18th Street, Chicago, IL 60616.  General admission is $18.00; industry and student tickets are $15.00. Group sales and subscription packages available.  

PETER PAN’S SHADOW is a new trilogy by Jeremy Menekseoglu. It tells the touching, exhilarating story of the rise and fall of Peter Pan and his Neverland, the birth and salvation of Peter Pan’s Shadow, the breaking of Tinker Bell's heart, and the struggle to flee from the most dreadful feeling known to man: despair.  Telling a Peter Pan story very different from those we have known, Dream Theatre probes the darker corners of Neverland and the selfish boy who forced it into being. This is the new adventure of Peter Pan and the younger sister who believed him to be dead for her entire life; after meeting him and Tinker Bell, it might have been better if that had been the case.  This dark and engaging trilogy is a fairytale as only Dream Theatre could imagine it.

February 2nd through March 4th, 2012
PETER, TAKE ME HOME! Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Peter's younger sister set out on a harrowing adventure that will result in the birth of Neverland, the accidental creation of Peter's shadow, and the appearance of a fearsome new enemy on the horizon: Captain James Hook.

DEATH TO PETER PAN! After his final battle with Peter Pan, Captain Hook finds himself trapped in the belly of the dreaded crocodile with the unlikeliest of companions - Peter Pan's Shadow. Together, Hook and the girl who gave him a second chance at salvation must escape from the supernatural creature and satisfy their shared ambition: revenge on Peter Pan.

SAVE NEVERLAND - THE MOST ROTTEN PLACE ON EARTH…Captain Hook is supposedly dead, the Shadow has returned to Kensington, and Wendy is gone. Peter Pan falls into despair as he awakens to find Neverland in ruins. Dragging the sole remaining inhabitants with him, Peter Pan embarks on a mad quest to return Neverland to its majesty in hopes of forcing Wendy to return. In the wake of this wasted wandering, Tinker Bell makes a final desperate attempt to tell him that she loves him.

YOU MUST LEARN ALL GRACE AND MANNERS…Brought back by audience votes, Dream Theatre is proud to remount the dark story of the Devilish Children.  Based on the works of Heinrich Hoffman, The Devilish Children and the Civilizing Process tells the story of Little Karl, a boy left by his father at a school for wayward, wicked kinder.  His teachers? The Devilish Children.

THE STORY OF A BOY AND THE BEAR OF VERY LITTLE BRAIN WHO LEFT HIM.  Venture once again into the Hundred-Aker Wood, where very terrible occurrences are happening; the forest is flooding, the night won’t end, and there’s no honey. To save their home, Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh set out to discover the root of all the terribleness and embark on their most glorious adventure yet.

Pictured top to bottom: Annelise Lawson as Tinker Bell and Mishelle Apalategui as Peter Pan; Anna W Menekseoglu as The Shadow and Jeremy Menekseoglu as Captain Hook; Chad Sheveland as Smee, Lana Smithner as Tiger Lily and Courtney Blomquist as The Mermaid Head; Chad Sheveland as Vati; Anna W Menekseoglu as Winnie the Pooh.  All photos by Giau Truong.

About Dream Theatre: Since 1998 Dream Theatre has performed all original productions that include: Audience Annihilated: Women Only Train; A Very Terrible Father; Three Women Driven Insane; The Grisly/Glorious Adventure of Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh and Billy Moon; Downward Facing; The Devilish Children and the Civilizing Process; The Agon Trilogy (Agamemnon, Electra & Orestes); Aelita & Shiny Boxes; The Black Duckling; Somewhere in Texas; Sequestered; Cold; The Samaritan Syndrome; Baby Killers; SlowAnna; Anna, in the Darkness; Medea; Antigone; Ismene and Sister 121. Recently, Dream Theatre received "Best New Play: THE AGON TRILOGY" and "Best Off-Loop Theatre Company" (Chicago Reader, 2010). Now entering its tenth season, Dream Theatre continues to strive to deliver the highest art in its most raw, unflinching and entertaining form. Dream Theatre Company is: Jeremy Menekseoglu (Artistic Director/Playwright), Anna W. Menekseoglu (Managing Director), Giau Truong, Annelise Lawson, Chad Sheveland, Mishelle Apalategui and Rachel Martindale.

More information on our production and our company can be found at these sites:
Company website -