Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nicole- "Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Nicole Roberts was one of the directors of ALLIGATOR. She is a DTC company member and has played many roles including the lead, Mary in RIO last year and the Mother in AUDIENCE ANNIHILATED.


What is your favorite moment in ALLIGATOR and why?

the scene where Velvet tells Ben she's leaving town. It is performed so simply and truthfully, it strikes a chord every time and makes me forget I'm sitting in a theatre.


Why do you work with Dream Theatre Company?

With DTC I get to continuously challenge myself, explore and grow as an artist. Their style and "no fourth wall" concept allow the audience to be a character in each show, keeping every performance new and exciting! 


What advice would you give to a first time audience member to this show?

you're gonna go for a ride, be open to it. 


If you had a time turner and could change something about the rehearsal process, what would it have been?

you always wish you had more time in the rehearsal process, but honestly I couldn't be more proud of this show and the amazing actors who bring it to life!


What will you take from working on this project with you to your future artistic career?

it was very cool to sit on the other side of the script for this one. It helped me to appreciate how important an open minded and flexible actor is for a director, and how equally important it is for a director to respect and guide the artistic choices of their actors. Teamwork makes the dream work. (Yeah, that's right) 

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