Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anna - read what people are saying about PETER PAN'S SHADOW PART ONE: NEVERLAND

"Highly Recommended - This first installment is a deeply ominous prequel to the story we're all familiar with, offering surprising new ideas on who Pan is and how his universe came to be. It's well worth seeing." - Tony Adler, Chicago Reader

"the best adaptations of “Peter Pan” show just why there’s a psychological complex of the same name. Dream Theatre’s Peter Pan’s Shadow Part One: Neverland does exactly that. Jeremy Menekseoglu’s script is as fascinating as its staging. The players are excellent: thoughtful in their interpretation, athletic in their delivery. 3 and 1/2 Stars." - Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat

"a delightfully dark spell of magic..., well-crafted and bold script..., imaginative and harrowing..., The cast play their roles so well that there were times I forgot I was watching a play at all.This is their play, and they do an amazing job bringing it to life. This is a most wonderful play that I cannot recommend enough. And with Peter Pan’s Shadow, Part Two: Everland coming in May, this series of plays gives me another reason to believe spring won’t come soon enough." - Deanna Trejo, Chicago 3 Media

"I am going to take a break from my usual self promotion and direct you to something grand. You see, artists believe in magic. We do. We know there are others out there toiling in the blistering sun to create. Create something huge. Something important. Something that makes us marvel in jaw hanging awe. That is what Dream Theatre Company in Chicago does. All of the time. Tonight we saw the premier of Jeremy Menekseoglu's latest Peter Pan's Shadow. The first in a trilogy. This tiny company delivers in the largest way. Pitch perfect performances. Performances so good the barest of sets is all they need. Do yourself a big, fat favor and go see what magic comes of discovery. Go see Peter Pan's Shadow Pan's Shadow Part One: Neverland and be astounded." - Scott Stantis, Taking a Stantis

"writer/director Jeremy Menekseogulu delivers on this.  His version of Peter Pan, winningly portrayed by Mishelle Apalategui..., great comic performances..., I will definitely return for Part Two." - Rory Leahy, Centerstage Chicago

"the show is a delight for the senses, featuring wild costumes, beautiful art, and a very effective sound design that leans toward classical music. The performances were creative and crisp." - John Enright, Ryme of the Day