Thursday, February 28, 2013

AMLETH Gala Night - Saturday, March 9th

Please join Dream Theatre Company on Saturday, March 9th at 8:00pm for:

"The Tragedy of Amleth, Princess of Denmark" GALA NIGHT!

There will be an informal talk back with the cast,  crew, and designers immediately following the performance! Light refreshments will be served!

The Tragedy of Amleth, Princess of Denmark
by Jeremy Menekseoglu

March 7th - April 7th
Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays at 8pm & Sundays at 7:30pm.
Dream Theatre is located at 556 W 18th St., Chicago.
Tickets are $17 - $20

On a dark and stormy night, princess Amleth returns to Denmark for her father's funeral only to discover that the body has been buried, her mother is remarried and the house is filled with drunken partygoers. Amleth seeks comfort in the arms of her lover Ophelia, but not even their innocent romance can stop her from questioning every truth she has ever believed. Amleth's once innocuous view of life spirals out of control until a climactic ending that not even the bard himself could have foreseen.

"To fulfill my duty and live in the real world, or leave and regain my ignorance: That is the question."

The Tragedy of Amleth, Princess of Denmark features: Anna Weiler Menekseoglu as Amleth, Megan Merrill as Ophelia, Rachel Martindale as Gertrude, Jeremy Menekseoglu as Claudius, Leana Savoie as Mrs. Polonius, Hasket Morris as Dog Master, John-Paul Kostecki as Artificer, & Laura Gouin as Mother Clare.

Production Team: Direction by Jeremy Menekseoglu & Anna W Menekseoglu; Set Design by Anna W Menekseoglu; Set Construction by Greg Callozzo & Paul Knappenberger; Lights by Paul Knappenberger; Sound by Jeremy Menekseoglu; Projections by Jeremy Menekseoglu; Costume Design by Mab Graves & Anna W Menekseoglu; Illustrations by Mab Graves; Costume Construction by Anna W Menekseoglu, Rachel Martindale & Megan Merrill; Hats by Megan Merrill; Props by Dana Von & Colin Carroll; Weapons Master is Paul Knappenberger; Marketing by Janice Rumschlag; Photos by Giau Truong & Megan Merrill; Kickstarter Managing by Shannon Daly; Stage Managers are Dana Von & Colin Carroll..