Friday, March 14, 2014

Backstage at RIO

You only have three more chances to meet this great group before RIO is closed. 

Beth - played by Candace Kitchens. Candy is hilarious both on and off stage. She loves soup and is entirely charming. How big can she get her hair for Beth? Come ask her! 

Mary - played by Nicole Roberts.
Don't let the sweet innocence of Mary's character fool you. Nicole is feisty and fiery. (Classic redhead!)

Willy - played by Jeremy Menekseoglu.
Jeremy wrote RIO back in 1996. One trivia fact about writing this play is that he broke at least 3 playwriting rules from his classes. Can you guess them?

Posada - played by Alif Muhammad
With the level of dedication and depth of focus that Alif has while playing Posada, one would think he's an experienced theatre performer. However, RIO is one of few love theatre performances on his resume. He is also a composer! (We love multi-talents at DTC!)

Kaitlin Stewart is our lovely stage manager. She gives great reports and is a perfectionist in the sound booth. She is also an actress. (Secret: she loves the Milli Vanilli song "Girl, You Know it's True)

Then there's me. Anna. I manage Dream Theatre Company. For RIO I run the light cues, the lobby and karaoke! I'm currently addicted to knitting.

Come hang out with us!!!

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