Thursday, July 23, 2015

Candace - my experience in ALLIGATOR

Candace Kitchens plays Cricket in DTC's current production - ALLIGATOR. Here she answers a couple of questions about her experience with this show.

Why do you work with Dream Theatre Company?

I have continuously worked with DTC because I whole heartedly believe in their mission - to demolish the fourth wall and to create a realism amid unrealistic circumstances that forces the audience to not just witness the action but also to feel it and become a part of it.  DTC continues to churn out pieces that, when I read them, I know the audience is going to walk away talking about.  It is going to shake something inside of them whether they enjoy it or not. THAT'S the type of work I want to be a part of. "Art should make the insane sane and the comfortable uncomfortable."


If you had a time turner and could change something about the rehearsal process, what would it have been?

MORE rehearsal time, straight out the gate! 


What will you take from working on this project with you to your future artistic career?

Working on Alligator has helped me immensely with my (hopefully) future acting endeavors because it was the first show in a while where, because Cricket & I have a lot of similarities, I felt that I could effectively pull from our God, Stanislavski, and utilize my own real life experiences.  It also taught me an immense amount teamwork.  Depending on my partner (Lone/Jeremy) was so difficult for me at first because I am a very "independent" actor, but once I learned to "let go and let Alligator" Cricket and Lone's relationship finally felt complete and every action made sense.  Every Dream Theatre show I have been a part of has completely changed the way I view the actor/audience relationship.  I hope to take that with me to every theatre I'm a part of.

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