Friday, June 24, 2011

Help Us Choose Our 10th Season!


Next season will be Dream Theatre Company’s 10 Year anniversary and we would like for you all to celebrate it with us.

We would love for you to help choose from our past productions any 2 or 3 shows that you would like for us to remount. These shows represent some of the very best we have brought you, and were each turning points in our Company’s 10 year history.

Here are the choices:

Season One

RiO                                           Our first production!
Serial Killer, Debbie Gibson Karaoke, Severed Fingers, Runaway

Season Two

AlligatoR                                   Monster, Olympics, Mental Illness, Road Trip

Season Three

Sister 121                                 Revolution, Individualism, Cannibalism, Torture

Season Four

SlowAnna                                 Innocence is a virtue, Mark Twain, Redemption, The Box

Antigone                                   Fame, Machiavelli, Tattoo, Teenage Angst

Season Five

The Baby Killers                        The Wood Shed, The Chosen, The Orphans, Run Rabbit Run

The Samaritan Syndrome           Star Shine, Bed, Obsession, Strangled

Season Six

Medea                                       Mid Life Crisis, Witchcraft, Divorce, Butcher Knife

Somewhere in Texas                  Sex, Nemesis, Elephant, Satan Baby

Season Seven

Sequestered                              Witness, Prisoner, Orange Juice, The Files

The Black Duckling                     First Love, Burlesque, Incorruptibility, The Furnace

Season Eight

Agamemnon                             Wine, Black Bottom, Betrayal, Monkey Cage

Devilish Children
and the civilizing process           Naughty Stool, Kitty, Lessons, Christmas

Season Nine

"The Grisly Glorious Adventure”
of Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh and Billy Moon
                                        Childhood Taken, The Sixty Fourth Tree, Occurrences, Honey

Thank you, dear Audience! Let us know!