Tuesday, June 18, 2013


“It takes the form of a confessional, his story jumping from trigger to trigger, forming a patchwork of childhood trauma and emotional abuse and culminating in a recount of the moment that seals his fate. As a writer, specificity is one of Menekseoglu’s greatest strengths. Little Duck is a remarkably vivid character, and each detail of his life feels credible. Menekseoglu takes on the role himself, and he commands your attention and sympathy throughout” -Aeneas Sagar Hemphill, TimeOut Chicago

“a relentless vision of a paranoid, deranged man, contains moments of inspiration” —Suzanne Scanlon, Chicago Reader

“Overberg’s enigmatic Suit skulks from horrifically-damaged girl to horrifically-damaged girl, the play becoming a funhouse of pain and trauma, impressively brutal”, “The actors all give wonderful performances, and the design—the bright sterile lighting, the white and gray palette—perfectly captures a sleek institutional horror.”  -Aeneas Sagar Hemphill, TimeOut Chicago

“In The Samaritan Syndrome, Menekseoglu takes on the parasitic relationship between patient and doctor, illness and health, pathology and caretaking. It's intriguing”, “Are we meant to sympathize with these traumatized young women?” —Suzanne Scanlon, Chicago Reader

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