Friday, June 7, 2013

Double Feature at Dream Theatre - rhyme of the day

A blogger and frequent audience member saw opening night performance of THE BALLAD OF LITTLE DUCK & THE SAMARITAN SYNDROME last night. He had some great things to say:

The Ballad Of Little Duck is a one-man show about a broken man. The basement space has been convincingly transformed into an outdoor spot in a railroad yard, complete with steadily dripping water. It's a tale of a man driven mad, told in an apparently rambling stream-of-consciousness style, but with a clear story that is revealed bit by bit until the chilling conclusion is reached. It's got a bit of that Southern Gothic quality of a gritty based-in-reality horror tale. Jeremy Menekseoglu always compels attention, riding a roller coaster of emotion, funny and then pitiable, stupid and then cunning. He has created a character that stays with you. Rachel Martindale directed, evidently with a sure touch, because I felt no false notes.

Read his blog here:

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