Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The cast of The Samaritan Syndrome

Meet the cast backstage. 
This is Adam M. Overberg who plays Mr. Suit, the lead role in The Samaritan Syndrome. He wants to be the next Dr. Who, but right now will settle for touring the Chicago Storefront & Fringe theatre scene performing in back to back shows in 2013.
This is Megan Merrill. She plays Night Nurse and costume designed the show. She continuously graciously smiles every time someone says to her "hello nurse" even when it gets old, because, let's face it, she looks FANTASTIC in her nurse costume. She will also melt your heart through a sensitive hardness with this character. Megan is also a writer, dancer, freelance Russian/English translator, model, and a member of Dream Theatre Company. She would love to be a lingerie designer. (She's also an amazing mom and cook!)
 This is Hasket Morris who plays Charming. He is also the only person who has been in all three of Dream Theatre's plays in 2013, first as the character based on H.H. Holmes in LIGHTS OUT, EVERYBODY, then as the Dogmaster in AMLETH. He's a great character actor and also consistently the funniest person in the dressing room. And when working on THE SAMARITAN SYNDROME, we all can use a few laughs. 
This is the vivacious Kristi Parker-Barnhart. She is one of the three in the rotating cast of Patients that play Saint, Ada and Grace. Here she is made up and ready to play Grace. She hails from Oklahoma and meets and exceeds the stereotype of southern charm. Her enthusiasm and character have made her a wonderful addition to this ensemble.
Meet Hisako Sugeta. She is another of the Patient rotating cast members, here she is as Saint. Hisako has travelled all over the world and is from Japan. She is our youngest cast member. She is incredibly captivating on stage. You can't look away! She works with Redmoon down the street. She's always willing to try anything and participates with eagerness and skill. She brings a special uniqueness to each of the roles.
Here is our third ensemble Patient, Ophelia Thorne. We also call her Megan Norman. Here she is getting ready to play Ada, and she also understudied NightNurse. She hasn't been around on stage in Chicago recently, however she has been all over the modeling scene. She is intensely creative and does a lot of  her own styling and makeup on photo shoots. She may tower over all of us in her giant platform shoes, but her Gothic fashion can't conceal her compelling natural style of acting as well as her joyous, whimsical sparkle.
This is Dana Von. She helped with pretty much everything in this production including making some props and even understudying the role of Saint. She always helps us see when we are all taking ourselves too seriously and also helps us all bring out the inner children within us.
And that's me - Anna. I play Pepper in the play and I also directed this ensemble. 

Glad you could meet us backstage, now see the show onstage now through June 30!

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