Tuesday, August 21, 2012

anna - AMLETH reading

The tragedy of AMLETH princess of Denmark, a world premiere play by playwright Jeremy Menekseoglu, is projected to open at Dream Theatre in Chicago in February 2013. JOIN US this Friday, August 24th at 7pm at Dream Theatre, 556 West 18th Street for an AMLETH kickoff party and first reading. If you can't make that date, JOIN US this Saturday, August 25th at 7pm at Goran Coban Salon, 15 West Hubbard Street, 2nd floor for and AMLETH kickoff party and second reading. The readings are free! send email to annainthedarkness@gmail.com to make a reservation.
On a dark and stormy night, princess Amleth returns to Denmark for her father’s funeral only to discover that the body has been buried, her mother is remarried and the house is filled with drunken partygoers. Amleth seeks comfort in the arms of her lover Ophelia, but not even their innocent romance can stop her from questioning every truth she has ever believed. Amleth’s once innocuous view of life spirals out of control until a climactic ending that not even the bard himself could have foreseen.

"To fulfill my duty and live in the real world, or leave and regain my ignorance: That is the question."

This show promises to exceed all previous Dream Theatre Company productions, as well as showcase the talents of some of Chicago's great artists, designers, performers and crafts persons.
In order to pull off our most ambitious project yet, Dream Theatre is asking for your help. Through your support, Dream Theatre promises to make a show unlike any other. It will be unexpected, beautiful, captivating, and like a dream. Audiences who have experienced Dream Theatre's past productions will feel at home in the style of this production, while new audiences will be amazed by the intimacy and atmosphere while being engrossed in the story.
AMLETH is an ambitious relative and beautiful homage to what is arguably the greatest play of all time.

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