Thursday, September 20, 2012

megan - A Very Terrible Father

MATTI: There are so many terrible things I must do on this trip. 

LILLI: I know. 

MATTI: But we will take as much time for your happiness as we can. 

LILLI: Will you be happy too?

Sometimes when I explain the premise of A Very Terrible Father to people, their initial reaction is "well that's depressing." On its face, it is: two characters dying of cancer, an abandoned mother and child ... The character I play is one of the dying Germans and the pain and sadness she feels do frighten me as an actor. But one of the things I admire about Lilli is her ability to be actually happy.

A kiss or a theme park ride is enough to put a huge smile on Lilli's face. Her body is failing, but a cartoon in a language she doesn't understand makes her completely content. She doesn't try to ignore her imminent death or escape her pain but she can share a bowl of ice cream and, in that moment, be simply and truly happy. I think that's beautiful.

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