Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bil - Return to the Audience State

It's not too late. Go see this one.
Now that "The Devilish Children" is over and construction workers have replaced theatrical types inside the Dream Theatre, my state of being shifts.  My technical status has gone from "Is Too Busy For Anything At All" to "Has Time To See Theatre."  I will once again don my audience hat, which by a lucky coincidence is also a woolly winter hat.

I'm taking a break from my apartment's endless cleaning session to go see "Halfshut" at the Rorschach (the official home of The Right Brain Project).  This will be the second play I've watched in about three months.  The other one was "Seven Snakes" from the Mammals, which has sadly (for you) closed already.

I'm well aware that acting in a show, while certainly a strong enough excuse not to see any other shows, is not exactly a reason not to.  There's been quite a slate this year and I've missed a lot.  One can always make time to see shows, I just dropped the ball.  So, believe me, I am going to step up my efforts to make that time.  Starting tonight.  Sorry (again) to everyone whose show I missed this year.  I'll try not to let it happen again.


Yeah. So. I strongly encourage you to go see "Halfshut" while you still can. The way they bring an audience in...very different from what we do at Dream Theatre, and yet very much the same. Very cool. Super-engaging show for twenty-somethings.

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