Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bil - Postmortem & Preseason

There's a certain sense of relief when a show comes down and the striking of the set is finally complete.  When it's done, you feel like a piece of you gets left behind, but in fact the opposite is true – you've got memories you never had before, you've skills developed that could only have been forged during that particular show that you can then take with you to your next projects, and the nostalgia really only lasts until you're working on the next one.  Right now, we're all mostly in that whistful place between the end of strike and the start of the next rehearsal process.

"The Devilish Children & the Civilizing Process" had possibly the biggest set Dream Theatre Company has ever created, in terms of square acreage and quantity of wood, so striking the set was no particularly easy task.  Couple that with our melancholy the fact that we'd rather have not seen that show go because it was so fun, and then add the tasks of tearing down all the stuff we'd done in the lobby and removing all the equipment and tools that were stashed underneath the stairs and in the secret ticket booth, and that gives us one massive job for a ragtag bunch of not-even-close-to-professional contractors who know plenty about acting but very little about construction.

Technically, the strike isn't even done yet.  We still have yet to remove the audience seats from their risers.  The reason we needed to get everything – literally, EVERYTHING – out of the way is so the real (actual-professional) contractors can come in and gut the place for some very serious construction inside our theatre.  It's going to be quite the job, and they need space to work.  But oh, wait till you see our place early next year...

Wait till you see us.

Oh yes – season tickets are available.  Great way to save money on some kick-ass theatre for next year, and they make great gifts...I assume.  See the website for details.

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