Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bil - An Introduction to Gaines the Actor

"…a glimpse of what Gaines the actor can do." 

"Gaines the actor" is a running joke at Dream Theatre.  It comes from a critic's review of Medea, my first show at Dream Theatre, and the first show in the Pilsen space way back in 2008.  It was a pretentious remark then, and it would still be a pretentious remark today if the review was still online...but alas, it's disappeared into the abyss of online theatre reviews, never to be seen again.

Somehow, the pretentiousness of it has been transferred directly onto me, and the more it gets said, the more it feels like I was the one that said it first.  Soon I will have to start acting pretentiously around them just to maintain my dignity.

Something you may not have known: you can pick up a button with my mug on it for your hoodie or your European-style carry-all if you come see the show that's playing right now!

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