Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bil - Final Weekend Blues

The final weekend blues ain't so bad. It's been one fantastic run, with one fantastic cast. Our show is top-notch, and audience reactions have been as rewarding as they've ever been for any show I've ever done. (If you've already seen the show, by the way, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!)  I'm really gonna miss this one after it's gone.

But instead of thinking about that, I'll think about our four remaining performances. There's still time to create unnecessary drama and break apart the amazing cast unity this run has enjoyed.  No more hippy-dippy being respectful of other people's feelings, I'm gonna stir up some trouble for no good reason at all.

Actually, there are better ways of having fun, and one of them is karaoke.  Come see the show this weekend and invite us out to sing with you.  We have no scruples and no self-esteem; we will play with anyone who shows interest.  Also, we'll tell you about our amazing 2011 season!  Perhaps we'll even show you some pre-publicity photos...

See you at the theatre!

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