Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bil - Don't Worry

Everyone can agree that seeing live theatre is different from seeing a movie. The first and most important difference is that in live theatre, you aren't forced to watch commercials for a beverage you've already purchased.

The second difference, which is even more important, is that a live show differs from night to night. A lot of theatre companies try desperately to keep each performance exactly the same, but that's not our goal at Dream Theatre.  Our goal is to continually adjust to each and every audience, so that every performance is not only completely unique, but specifically crafted for a given crowd of people.

Obviously, there are advantages to seeing a show at the beginning or at the end of the run.  The run of a show is a living, breathing, evolving, thing – kind of like The Blob.  At the beginning of the run, for example, there is a rawness and a roughness that kind of forces the cast to look more to the audience to tell us what you want.  This gives you, the audience, the opportunity to help shape what you're seeing as you're seeing it.  That's pretty freakin' cool.

Of course, now we're approaching the end of the run of "The Devilish Children and the Civilizing Process," and the feel is somewhat different.  It's the same show, but there is a polished sophistication to the madness.  The cast has figured out how to take our energy and meld it with the audience's energy to create a very intense sort of super-energy.  We've gotten really good at aiming the blood when we use it.  (That's right, there's blood in this show.)  And we're all a little more trusting, not just of each other but of an audience full of strangers and judges.  The energy of the earlier shows was urgency, and now it's more like demonic mania.

There are six performances left.  Each one will be different.  Which one will you see?

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