Monday, October 25, 2010

Bil - Soon, babies, soon...

Well! What a tornado of activity...this poor, poor company blog has been put aside while we work on actual activities in the real world. Since the wedding of Jeremy & Anna, the cast of "The Devilish Children" (and assorted Dream Theatre technicians...meaning, of course, Giau Truong) have created quite possibly the most beautiful and haunting lobby for the theatre, as well as the biggest and most literal set Dream Theatre has ever seen. It's strikingly beautiful as a run-down children's theatre stage, complete with wings and a backdrop that look like they've been rotting there for centuries. It all started off so pretty, but these artsy types have really just utterly destroyed it. It's really something.

Personally, I've been meaning to post a recorded conversation between myself and Annelise, since we've sort of been developing the character of Conrad together. It's a really cool recording (on a real cassette tape, just like the previous century) but I wanted to get some footage of a rehearsal placed over the audio, and sadly I haven't been able to make the time yet. But I fully intend to have it this week, before we open--

That's right, Thursday is our glorious opening. "The Devilish Children and the Civilizing Process" opens this Thursday. Our children have gone from roguish clowns to sweet innocent children and back again throughout the last week or so of rehearsals, which would ordinarily make one pause and worry that maybe we're not ready. But Thursday is a long way off, and our cast is so in tune with each other lately that I can't help but feel excited.

Straight up excited. Not at all worried.

I simply cannot wait to start showing this play to our audiences. It's hilarious and horrifying and achingly endearing all at once.

Major props, by the way, to our newest company member, Annelise Lawson, who is responsible for a huge portion of the pretty paint jobs inside the theatre. She is not only an incredibly talented artist and performer, but she's the type of person who's always learning. She currently has a marketing internship with a very well-reputed opera company and she takes classes at night. She's all over this damn town. Keep your eyes on this one, critics and audiences, she'll steal your fucking heart.

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