Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dream Theatre 2014 season

We shuffled things around a little, thanks to our move, and we are so happy to share with you the shows you will be seeing in our new Laboratory space in Lincoln Square! 

First up, audience and critic favorite ANNA, IN THE DARKNESS will be running every week between mainstage shows. 

The first mainstage will be ALLIGATOR: Not monsters from the past, drug addiction, mental collapse nor well-intentioned Olympic gymnasts can prevent a young woman from falling in love and rediscovering hope.

Next is the third installment of Dream Theatre's 15-minute horror play / haunted house experiences: where one to four audience members play the lead role: AUDIENCE ANNIHILATED: CHERRY BOMB

Then it's THE UNCHOSEN, where a guilt-ridden factory worker whose parents chose to keep him marries one of the countless, expendable “unchosen” orphans of their dystopian society. The realities revealed threaten to ignite a revolution.

Then in December we have the lovely A CHRISTMAS CAROL, ABRIDGED. It has been called " a fantastic three-person production of the essential A Christmas Carol ... This is how to be entertained. It's classy. It's well performed. It's a perfect capstone to Christmas." 

We will publish dates soon!

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