Saturday, April 19, 2014

Megan - We are moving!

The things you find when you pack ... actually, there's a whole box of terrifying dolls on the set of Anna, in the Darkness that we just tore down. We spent the afternoon packing years worth of costumes and props and memories and posters ... I'm so glad it was with company members I've known for six years and some of our incredible artistic associates who have been so amazing over the last year.

So Dream Theatre will be moving! After almost six years in our Pilsen location, we are moving to a new home. We found a place we really like but we're still negotiating, so we hope to be able to share more information soon.

We are definitely moving to a smaller spot, so we'll be selling a TON of stuff -- maybe you can pick up one of these terrifying dolls, or a piano, or some shitkicker boots, who knows what else. Come by on May 10 from noon to 5, help us bid goodbye to our old spot, pick up some of the crazy amazing stuff we have and get some news on our move.

Come say hi!

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