Thursday, February 27, 2014

now showing at Dream Theatre: RIO by Jeremy Menekseoglu

RIO runs now through March 16th.
Thursdays - Saturdays @8pm, Sundays @7pm, & 2 additional Wednesday performances @8pm on March 5th & 12th. at Dream Theatre - 556 West 18th Street, Chicago. Tickets are $22 and can be purchased at or text 773-552-8616.
In an isolated Texas border town a strange new evil has made itself at home. Forty-seven souls have gone missing, only to be found later in pieces floating along the Rio Grande. When Mary Graves (pictured, played by Nicole Roberts), a young woman fleeing her abusive husband, wanders into town one rainy afternoon, what follows is a furious story of love, hope, innocense, forgiveness, mass murder and ... karaoke!
RIO features Nicole Roberts as Mary Graves, Jeremy Menekseoglu as Willy Bosco, Candace Kitchens as Beth and Alif Muhammad as Bruno Alejandro Posada. Directed by Laura Gouin.
This is the second weekend which I always find to be the best weekend to see a show. The acting is at it's most natural yet also heightened on a second weekend. It also tends to be the less attended weekend of the run, which is a little bit sad to me, since those are sometimes the best shows. Yes, it's always essentially the same show, however, I find that every production has a life of it's own and the second weekend is like the pre-teen/teenage phase of it's life cycle. It is discovering itself and going out into the world trying to get noticed.
photos and graphics by Megan Merrill

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