Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It is not easy to take on a play with centuries of history, performance and scholarship behind it, and Dream Theatre's work is not easily summed up in one listing-worthy sentence. Never is that more apparent than with The Tragedy of Amleth, Princess of Denmark, Jeremy's reimagining of Hamlet.
Our Amleth, Princess of Denmark, stands alone as a powerful story of adolescence, love, duty and betrayal. And playing Ophelia, I can tell you that the love story between Amleth and Ophelia is one of the sweetest, saddest, truest love stories I've ever read. Imagine coming home from college for the first time, for your father's funeral, to find you cannot return to the simple and straightforward childhood you left. You are different, the home you knew is different, and though the sweetheart you left behind loves you as deeply as when you went away, you and your life now are so different that innocent love you had before you left for college is impossible now. 

The Ophelia of our world is left behind to serve the royal household as her childhood love, Princess Amleth, goes off to be educated. When Amleth comes back, she is not the same girl Ophelia said goodbye to -- and the months away from her love have affected Ophelia too. When Amleth comes home, Ophelia expects the love of her life to be the same girl whose letters she reads over and over in her bed, and for a simple escape to be all they need to live happily ever after. But of course, that is not to be. 

The love between Amleth and Ophelia is so honest and innocent it breaks my heart every night to be part of the tragedy as it unravels. Anna Menekseoglu astounds me every night as Amleth, and I want the whole city to witness the force of her story, a "dark, sexy, and deeply immersive tragedy" that the Chicago Reader says Shakespeare himself would be proud of: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/the-tragedy-of-amleth-princess-of-denmark/Event?oid=9016142

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