Friday, September 9, 2011


Tonight, after you are finished with all your fringe theatre watching head over to Dream Theatre 556 W. 18th Street for the Fringe After Party 11pm!!! with your hosts, the THREE WOMEN DRIVEN INSANE (aka Natalie, Anna and Annelise). Feel free to bring your own party equipment (wink, wink) and a $5 donation to see THREE WOMEN DRIVEN INSANE (its only 35 minutes of hilarious goodness!) would help to keep doors like Dream Theatre's open for a little while longer. Before and after the show feel free to mingle, associate, and maybe even dance or play hopscotch with the members of Dream Theatre and other Fringe Theatre makers and enjoyers like yourself! See you tonight!!!

Replete with homicidal roommates, one-armed lesbians, and Satanic babies, Three Women Driven Insane a play by Jeremy Menekseoglu is a hilarious exploration of the most dire extremes of feminine friendship and love.
Starring: Natalie Breitmeyer, Anna Menekseoglu and Annelise Lawson.
New Friend
Anelie – Natalie Breitmeyer
New Friend – Anna Menekseoglu
Mother – Annelise Lawson
A tea room, a living room, a bedroom
My Roommate My Nemesis
BRIGHID – Annelise Lawson
ELVA – Anna Menekseoglu
A tiny two room apartment
Infans Satani
Patricia – Anna Menekseoglu
Remmy – Natalie Breitmeyer
Blythe – Annelise Lawson
A house in the woods

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