Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna - friends in the hundred-akre-wood

Piglet & Roo are friends!
This past week has been quite eventful. As we wrap up The Grisly/Glorious Adventure of Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh and Billy Moon the tears start to fall. I find it very difficult to say goodbye to our creatures we have been friends with for so long now. Christopher Robin's raincoat is wetter from the rain and the tears, Winnie-the-Pooh has dirty little feet, Eeyore's neck aches a little from flipping his ears out of his eyes so many times, Owl's wings are a bit frayed, Roo's bounce is higher and lighter than ever, Rabbit is even crankier at all the rain in the hundred aker wood as well as the real Chicago-akre-wood, Kanga's hands are a bit worn from wringing from worry, Tigger has all but bounced himself into a nap and poor little Piglet doesn't want to be left alone. They would all love to meet you. See them before they go on a shelf and their wonderful and talented voices fade into new characters in new plays or leave us for other adventures in the Portland-akre-wood. It is certainly bittersweet for me, especially because of all the wonderful friends we have made along the way. However, I have found that my own personal connection to my childhood imagination has rekindled all kinds of new possibilities and personal and artistic growth which in turn has also made me better able to connect with new people and make new friends as well as understand the depth of the meaning of the friends I already have. I could never ask for anything better than that.

Forever and ever until we're a hundred years old I want to sincerely thank AUDIENCE and Jeremy, Rachel, Annelise, Mishelle, Chad, Alicia, Kristi, Giau, Laura and Bil and everyone else in the Dream Theatre-akre-wood for all the love and support and friendship on this beautiful journey to our childhood imaginations. 

If you still haven't seen the show, I promise you, if you come this weekend, you will rekindle your own relationship with your own childhood imagination, and it feels wonderful!

love, anna (Pooh bear)

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