Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bil - Pilsen's Most Hipsterrific Show in Years

This coming Thursday marks the kick-off of Dream Theatre's 2011 season (not to be confused with tomorrow's kick-off to the end of the Packers' football season GO BEARS).  The show is "Downward Facing" by Mishelle Apalategui (directed by Giau Truong), and it will be without a doubt Pilsen's most hipsterrific show in years, and that's saying something for a neighborhood like Pilsen.

It will also be the beginning of Dream Theatre Company's most ambitious season in years, if not ever.  Ten productions all in all, on top of starting a Dream Theatre acting school?  That's absurd...and yet it's happening.  It's actually really exciting.

Something we learned about ourselves as a company last year is that every actor in every show has a different reaction to each play.  We also learned that every single audience member has a different reaction.  It's mind-blowing how we can all be in the same room, experiencing the same show (whether watching it or performing it), hearing the same sounds...and yet everybody walks out with something completely their own.

And this is a theme that fits perfectly in with "Downward Facing," which I'm sure is one reason we're using this play to bridge the 2010 season to the 2011 season.  "Downward Facing" is all about speaking different languages using the same words, and going through life in the same place as someone else yet living a totally different life.  It's also a little bit about crêpes, and I love crêpes, so that kind of makes me happy.

It's a week of epic battles.
- Bears vs. Packers...who will win??
- Yoga studio vs. the bums...who will win??
- The intrepid vs. the forever young...who will win??

We shall find out soon!  Get your tickets now.  Tickets to Dream Theatre cost a lot less than tickets to Soldier Field.

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