Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jeremy - Who in the Hell do I think I am?

A little about me:

I am the Artistic Director and one of the original founders of Dream Theatre Company. I am a playwright, director, actor and designer.

My experience with Dream Theatre:

The company was founded in Moscow in 1998 and then went on a string of insane adventures where the four founding fools of this company realized that even though we had all come together with this idea, we had completely different desires. One wanted to do Shakespeare. One wanted to act in other productions. One wanted to do all original work. One didn't really care which we did. It wasn't until 2003, when Dream Theatre came to Chicago, that, in my mind, it truly began. Or, more appropriately, truly went through a trial by fire to see if it could actually continue. I'm happy to say that the company is still here. That, even though the 3 other founders have gone to follow their own dreams, I'm still here.

Over the years, I discovered a group of artists who feel the way that I do about theatre. And together we've recreated Dream Theatre. Back in Moscow, the 4 founding members came together and had an idea about a new way to bring the joy of  theatre into our lives and then to the audience's, but this new group of company members that we have today are the true founders of this company. They are the reason that Dream Theatre is no longer just an idea.

And we continue to develop our style. We continue to develop ourselves as artists.


Go and see The Devilish Children and The Civilizing Process if you haven't already. Go and see what we do. And when the next show comes out, come see us again. We are constantly changing and constantly growing and constantly finding our voices. In the years to come, dear audience, we hope that you will have been a part of that too.

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