Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bil - Away We Go

Tonight is the final performance of The Devilish Children & the Civilizing Process.  There are some definite plans for next year, but of course everything is still in question-mark status, so nothing's been officially announced, but if you come to the show tonight, you can see the preliminary photos for the 2011 season!

Show promotion aside, I really would like to share this one last performance with as many people as I can.  Not for monetary purposes, mind you, and not for fame's sake, but because I believe with all my soul that this show is a rare delight, and when I think of all the people in Chicago and the surrounding areas who would love this show but either don't know about it or had their own schedule conflicts or just couldn't make it for whatever reason, I get a little sad.  Live theatre is such a wonderful art form, and you can only get it while it's playing.  You can't experience a live performance by reading about it later.  You can't just wait a couple months and then put it on your Netflix queue.  It's not on Hulu the next day.  You have to catch it while it lasts, and when it's gone, it's gone forever.  Photos may remain, and people may talk about it, but it's only present and real if you're there in the audience.

The Devilish Children and the Civilizing Process is also a rarity in that the cast has bonded so well.  Seriously, for a ten-person production to be so drama-free is almost unheard of, especially given there was a wedding in the middle of the rehearsal process.  You can see the connectedness and the chemistry of the actors onstage (and in the lobby), and it's actually not a false front.  Appearing to be best of friends is not always an indication that two actors like each other; in some famous cases, it's a clever mask for a bitter, bitter rivalry.  But not here.

I'm gonna miss this one.  I really am.  One last time, then life moves on.

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