Thursday, October 7, 2010

Annelise - gettin' devilish

So, for the past couple of weeks, we've been building our set and cleaning the space.  It's been an involved process.  Tonight, I found myself getting a little, well, loopy.

At one point later in the evening, Jeremy pretended to come at me with a rusty screwdriver.  Now, generally, I'm afraid of being stabbed, so I backed off (in an over-excited way, I'll admit).  The reaction was odd enough that I was come at again and again, and again and again I over-reacted. As my reaction got more and more exaggerated, I found the whole situation funnier and funnier, to the point where the screwdriver only had to be picked up for me to collapse (literally) in a fit of laughter and shrieks. 

My point? Looking back on the event, it seems a lot like something from the world of the Devilish Children.  After spending enough time with a small group of people, my fear of stabbing became a game.  I realized that the kinder's enjoyment of Little Karl's misery is not always sadistic; they've spent so long in their own little world that everything new has the potential to become a joke. Even fear is funny.

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