Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jeremy - The History of Theatre of Women

Theatre of Women began as a call to action for actresses. Theatre has always been a male dominated art form where many plays feature male leads while actresses become a sort of accessory. Dream Theatre has always produced shows with a predominately women cast and so decided to produce a play that celebrate the actress. Theatre of Women 1 was a collection of pieces written by Jeremy Menekseoglu where seven actresses took you on a journey into nightmares where the actress played the kind of roles that have historically been reserved for men. The play opened with a large table covered in weapons and each actress would step forward choose a weapon and her scene would begin.

With Theatre of Women 2: the format changed dramatically. Instead of one writer, we brought in 5 and instead of 7 actresses, we brought in 20.

With each Theatre of Women the themes have changed, the roles have become more and more exciting and this now annual event has become a highlight of Dream Theatre’s Season.

The celebration of the Actress. The Power of the Actress. The beauty and virtue of the Actress.

Buckle up my dear Audience, these actresses are about to blow your damn minds!

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