Sunday, September 12, 2010

Annelise - photo shoot

Today we took photos for posters, etc. The coolest thing about the experience was seeing everyone build the physical exteriors of their characters. I realized that we've already created a visually rich mental world for the action of our play. It was a real treat to see it realized today!

More impressive? During the portions of the shoot that I was able to see, each and every cast member projected their characters through the minutest details of their respective facial arrangements, even though most of us have been living with these children for a comparatively short amount of time. I was reminded of what an incredibly talented group of actors I'm getting to work with.

Finally, I personally enjoyed playing Sigi's look today. It was like being a child myself: playing dress-up with the heirloom clothes up in the attic and letting my imagination take over. More importantly, experiencing that sense of play again made me appreciate the seriousness of the world of "Devilish Children." Nothing is too horrible or too wonderful to exist in the Devilish Children's theater, because the scope its reality is as wide as a kind's imagination (very wide indeed).

The crux of these impressions? I think "Devilish Children" is going to pack quite the physical, visual, and emotional punch. I can't wait for our next rehearsal!

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  1. The photoshoot looks magnificent; I can't wait to see this show!