Monday, August 30, 2010

Mishelle~Wanderlust {said with a 'vuh'}

Children's stories are guttural, which is why they are typically made from the most base emotions and all the actions a human being is born with. The interest in the body, the soul the spirit the way we all have the same mechanical reactions and development no matter the location, the culture, the time of day, the country, the hair cut or color, we all got skinned knees. Which brings me to the greatest thing about playing a child in a play, or writing a child into a script: that culture, race, location all those affectations don't matter.

As children we have dreams. These dreams are about the amazing things we will do and places we will go as adults. Wanderlust. As adults we have dreams about all the things we could of done when we were children {but weren't we too meek and stupid! or bold and reckless!} less attached, less...intellectual. I'm not saying children aren't smart. If anything, they are more in touch with their true brains than we as adults are. But I am a believer in clear thought, and I find that our desire to tap into our childhoods again is a sort of mental pedophilia.

My childhood wanderlust was to have the freedom of an adult, so I could do, see, eat, drink, fuck things I could not then.
My adult wanderlust is to be a kid and be free from wanting/needing to do, see, eat, drink, fuck things I could not then.

Unfortunately neither is satisfying, unless we quantify them as so, but both come from such a different place in the body and mind that there is no possible way to truly rate our lives in such a manner as what time was better.

I find most actors approach being a kid on stage by being uninhibited and silly, unabashedly larger than life, with an unbalanced scale of life vs death. But I think, that being a kid is much simpler, it's constant contemplation. Puzzle solving and discovery. And how the base human responds to that venture, is the epitome of a child-like mind.


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