Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bil - Meine Kleinie Katze

I've said it before and I'll say it again: YouTube is what separates this century from the last one.  Previously, in order to do some outside research on what German children are like to help prepare for the upcoming auditions for "Devilish Children & the Civilizing Process," I might have had to fly to Germany, find a children's park, and (at the risk of seeming to strangers around me like some sort of pedophile) sit and watch the kids.  Nowadays, I can get what I need without all those costly, creepy risks.  I can even do it at my day job.

To answer the question I know you are asking, this very first video you find when you search YouTube for "German children"...

My immediate reaction was to move on from this video.  I was actually hoping to see some movement, to help me move like a German child.  But after watching this the whole way through, I find it's probably even more beneficial.  For one thing, I get a sense of how German children sound, and that's probably going to help shape how I move.

But even more importantly, I get something that I know this play is going to need: whimsy.  Childlike innocence is one thing...but this focus, this profound appreciation for something we adults tend to throw away as "cute" and "meowdorable" is something that will help the actors take our play to a much more interesting level.  "Devilish Children" is a play about children interacting with other children, and the best thing we will do for our audiences is to help them feel like children, too.

We're going to need more YouTube before we're done...

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