Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bil Gaines: A Blog is Born

Attention blogosphere: you are entering a world of pain. This here blog is going to steal all your brainpower and recycle it into the collective consciousness of human existence.

That's right.

Dream Theatre Company now has a blog.  And it kicks ass.

And it's not just one person blogging.  It'll be a collective effort from the cast and crew of our upcoming or current production (depending on whether we're in rehearsals or running a show).

Hot on the heels of the completion of the Agon Trilogy, Dream Theatre is preparing for the biggest, craziest, bloodiest children's show you've ever seen.  You thought you liked the blue blood spilling out of Company Member Rachel Martindale in "Electra?"  Jumped at the red blood sprayed into the face of Company Member Anna Weiler in "Orestes?"

Just wait until you see what color comes out of the German children in "Devilish Children & the Civilizing Process."

...Actually, it'll probably be red, just like in "Orestes."  But there will be much more of it.

This is a cautionary blog, friends.  It's a show about cautionary tales.  Take caution, it might frighten you into being a good person.

Auditions for this show are coming up next week, on August 25th, with callbacks on the 26th.  Check out the website for more info!

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